Education and vocational training plays a vital role in laying the foundation for a healthy and successful life. In fact, education and skills training can prevent the poor from being exploited, provide hope for the future and offer tools that allow individuals to act as advocates for economic change within a community! An educated population promotes a better educated nation and an improved social structure.

According to UNESCO, 58 million children of primary school age are not in school. In addition, two-thirds of the 793 million functionally illiterate adults are women. Yet, a child whose mother can read is 50 percent more likely to live past age five.

Our Response

Child Education

DACT’s Education program gives children hope for a future, as they realize that someone cares about their living conditions and lack of opportunity. By providing tuition, uniforms, books and school supplies, DACT provides the essentials for children to receive an education. In addition, parents are taught how to provide for their families through vocational and skills trainings, helping them to be better farmers or small business owners, improved community members, and enhanced parents. In Sub-Sahara Africa region, every additional year of educational skill training can increase a person’s future income by 10 percent. Adult education leads to a better educated workforce and more stable economy. The Child Sponsorship Program is one way that DACT invests in the lives of children in need. To learn more about encouraging a child through DACT’s Child Sponsorship program, with an investment of just $40 per month, child sponsorship gives children hope for a future. If you have questions about child sponsorship, please contact our team at or +44-708-646-9506