Millions of children of primary school age are not enrolled in school, and the consequences are severe. An uneducated child is more likely to contract disease, be subjected to trafficking, and less likely to find stable work as an adult. According to UNESCO, 58 million children of primary school age are not in school. In addition, two-thirds of the 793 million functionally illiterate adults are women. Yet, a child whose mother can read is 50 percent more likely to live past age five.

DACT works on behalf of children in many remote areas of the Sub-Sahara Africa communities where other organizations are not working. Sponsoring a child through DACT impacts children in powerful ways through education, freedom from slavery, food security, clean water, and disaster relief.  By supplying essential educational resources such as books, uniforms, and classroom supplies, while also providing fundamental life resources such as clean water and protection from human traffickers, DACT incentivizes children to enroll — and stay in — school all the way through graduation.

As children are sponsored, they are given hope as they realize that someone is showing concern for their living conditions and their lack of opportunity. Most importantly, as a sponsor, you have the opportunity to encourage a child by writing letters and, in return, receive letters. Through your compassion, children will have hope for a better future as we partner together to alleviate poverty, suffering and injustice in their lives.

How to get involved

Sponsor a Child

With an investment of just $40 per month, child sponsorship gives children hope for a future. Click below to consider sponsoring a child today! If you have questions about child sponsorship, please contact our team at or +44-708-646-9506.