Community Health and HIV/AIDS

As DACT works around the Sub-Sahara Africa communities to help alleviate poverty, suffering and injustice, the majority of vulnerable communities we serve face dire situations in the areas of health and nutrition. Below, please find details on some of DACTs Health and HIV/AIDS programs.

Health Education

Because many of the diseases that plague the Africa are preventable, DACT reinforces the basics of sanitation and hygiene when working with a community. Key prevention techniques like hand washing, cleaning of utensils and positioning of sanitation facilities in relation to water sources are emphasized. In addition, DACT partnered with other organizations in abroad to promote and educate mothers on child nutrition, exclusive breastfeeding, infant and child care.

HIV/AIDS Prevention

DACT worked with HIV/AIDS prevention and created a network of partnerships with community-based organizations (CBOs). These networks of partnerships helped to effectively implement HIV/AIDS prevention programming, provide counseling and testing services through mobile and freestanding clinics, extend care to orphans and vulnerable children, and provide care and support people living with HIV/AIDS.

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