Education and Vocation Training Programme (VTEP)

Education and vocational training plays a vital role in laying the foundation for a healthy and successful life. In fact, education and skills training can prevent the poor from being exploited, provide hope for the future and offer tools that allow individuals to act as advocates for economic change within a community! An educated population promotes a better educated nation and an improved social structure.

Many impoverished communities around within the Sub-Sahara Africa communities are ripe with natural resources, but lack the knowledge or opportunity necessary to form a market and delivery system to distribute and gain profit from their goods.

Working at both the grassroots and global trading levels, DACT helps to lay the groundwork for business in Sub-Sahara Africa countries, to promote entrepreneurship at the community level, which aims to create sustainable food and income security.

Far removed from the technology, commerce and infrastructure of modern cities, many people living in remote areas throughout Africa live traditional lifestyles characterized by acute poverty. The cycle of poverty for the people in these communities is perpetual and is due to a combination of several factors including, poor infrastructure, lack of education, and limited sources of food and income.

In Africa, 80 percent of the population lives in rural areas and almost half (40-45 percent) of this population lives on less than $0.45 a day. More than 70 percent rely entirely on agriculture and livestock for their livelihoods, but most do not make enough to provide their family with ample food or to send their children to school.

Women and girls suffer disproportionately due to this extreme poverty. They not only work harder within the village, but they are sometimes forced to migrate to urban areas to work in garment factories or as domestic helpers or sex workers, and are often subject to domestic violence. More than one-third of women working in the sex industry in Cambodia came from rural, subsistence farms - poverty is a root cause of human trafficking in Nigeria and other African Communities.

Our Response

DACT program focuses on advancing to Sub-Sahara Africa communities through the empowerment of women. By providing women with economic development opportunities, education and health care, entire families and communities are inspired to seek the dignity and hope of a life free from extreme poverty.

Economic Development

DACT provides women in rural areas with the tools and resources they need to increase their family’s income. Through regular training and seminars, women trained by DACT will have learned how to improve their entrepreneurship /vocational training skills, add new, more profitable ideas, build a family budget and better manage their small businesses. If you have questions about the VTEP sponsorship, please contact our team at

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